Greater Vancouver is consistently voted one of the most desirable cities in the world to live in, as
the city grows improvements in the quality, cost efficiency and ways to reduce
pollution must be considered when choosing or building a home.

This is where the Green building Standard comes in. The Federal Government has
created the Canada Green Building Council and B.C. rates high in meeting the
demands of the Green Building Standard it has won the accolade of L.E.E.D
(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

What is a green building?

By removing outdated concepts in energy use, a green building becomes energy
and resource efficient, healthy, comfortable, and functional.

Climatic changes, greenhouse gas emission and the realization that the environment
is saturated with as much pollution as it can sustain created an awareness of
the potential efficiency of a green building. A green building is an
environmentally responsible one.

Future Trends in Renovating and Construction.

Major shifts are being made by architects and builders to adapt to Vancouver’s
changing demographics by exposing the underlying malaise with the built
environment. The concept now is that while building or renovating a home it is
crucial not to rob the future of its resources by creating more efficient
buildings while reducing their dependability on non-reusable materials.

As energy prices continue to rise and an abundance of toxic components that
compromise human and environmental health is discovered, the need to reduce
energy consumption and waste has increased over the past thirty years.

Savings and costs of healthy homes

While green buildings feature significantly lower operating costs sometimes
they can have higher initial costs. Using the proper building envelope for the
walls, floors, ceiling and roof and by installing super windows (double or
triple glazing with sealed insulated glass, inert gas such as argon or Krypton
in the sealed unit and insulate frames and sashes), can be more costly but by
doing so one can save approximately 15% of the total energy bill attributed to
heat loss.

Additional long time savings can result from the installation of radiant solar
floors, super insulated walls and roof, the proper use of landscaping can
reduce heat loading and solar voltaic panels on the roof cool the house
naturally without the need of an air conditioner.

The EnerGuide

Whether one is considering building a home, buying and renovating an older
home, interested in the restoration of a heritage home or would like to transform
his present home into a Green One, the EnerGuide system launched by Ottawa in
1978 has expanded in 1998 to residential structures. Some new-home tract
builders offer energy upgrade with an EnerGuide rating. There are also
companies that conduct environment audits on homes throughout Canada. An
EnerGuide for Houses evaluation costs 300$ to 500$.

Living in Harmony with our Environment

A green home, improves the health and productivity of its occupants, increases
building value, compared to conventional buildings the green building has a
higher resale price.

It also ensures that buildings have longer lives, they require little
maintenance and repair and can be converted rather than demolished, when

A Green Home is a tailor made home in harmony with the environment and
providing a novel relationship between human beings and their material